Deceiving Serpent

In Genesis chapter 3, one of the most famous stories in the Holy Bible, you remember that the serpent came to Eve to deceive her into eating the fruit from the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why did God forbid the eating from this tree? Well, it could have been very... Continue Reading →

The Root of Religion

Regardless of what many people believe, especially in the West, religion is not going away or fading into our ancient, superstitious past. Prior beliefs are questioned. Organized and structured religion are pushed back against, often rightfully so. But religion is not destroyed, merely the form we are used to seeing. If I may be so... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Religion

The other day it dawned on me, perhaps not for the first time, that I have been bequeathed a special inheritance in being raised outside the sphere of the Roman Catholic Church. Now my mother and father were born into Irish-American Roman Catholic families, and accordingly my grandparents and great-grandparents were all Roman Catholics. While... Continue Reading →

Who is your Lord?

In a wonderful piece of writing, James Stewart describes the Lord Jesus Christ thus: He was the meekest and lowliest of all the sons of men, yet he spoke of coming on the clouds of heaven with the glory of God. He was so austere that evil spirits and demons cried out in terror at... Continue Reading →

Come to the Tree of Life

Ever since the fall of Man as revealed to us in Chapter 3 of the Book of Genesis the Tree of Life was lost to us, enveloped into the divine realm while we were cast from the Garden of God, losing the Presence of the LORD God (in Hebrew: “YHWH Elohim”) our Creator and Sustainer.... Continue Reading →

In the Beginning…

How far back can you remember in your life? Do you ever wonder how you got where you are? I do. Who preserves our past, plants our present, and plots our future? God alone! He is sovereign. He is mighty. He is true. He is faithful. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the... Continue Reading →


I began this blog as a tripartite vision of the human soul writ small in human language—spirit, mind, and body. It was supposed to clarify for me what I find valuable and meaningful in life. The spiritual, the social, and the self-soul. The philosophical, the political, and the personal. But I was paused. The Spirit... Continue Reading →

What is Love?

Love of self is our primal love, our true first love—the one that will slay us if left alive. There is always the temptation to avoid the hard things in life, and I know myself well enough to be thoroughly convinced of my own willingness to go through more work, pain, and suffering rather than... Continue Reading →

What is Scripture?

There was a time in my life, primarily in college, when I found the Bible to be wearisome if not outright irritating. In my personal observation, higher education seems to cultivate an overactive critical ideology that results in cynicism in many students. In myself, I found that skepticism sprung up in my heart like a... Continue Reading →

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